About me

My name is Mirela Eškinja and I am a psychotherapist in Integrative Gestalt Psychotherapy, working in private practice.

My background is in chemical engineering and my employment history and present include career within pharmaceutical and food industry, both of which are high pressure jobs that involve working with closely knit teams.

I was always intrigued by relationships. My inspiration was the men and women that were telling me their life stories. And this led me to my training in psychotherapy.

I offer psychotherapy and counselling in English, German and Croatian language. I work short, medium and long term, depending on the client’s needs, with individuals, adults and adolescents, from diverse backgrounds, on a broad range of issues including anxiety, depression, questions of identity and ‘home’ (‘foreigner in a foreign country’), existential questions and relationship issues with the aim of making life more satisfying.

My role as a psychotherapist and counsellor is to provide a safe space in which you can sit in the “clearing” of your life and understand the whirlwind of your emotions, and get a clearer understanding of the choices that lie ahead.